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14th-19th April 2011

Prof. Yoji Akao visited Hong Kong and Macau on 14th-19th April 2011. This visit is important to the global promotion of QFD. He came to ignite QFD in Hong Kong and in Macau. In this trip, Prof. Akao conducted two events which are remarkable to the dissemination of QFD in these two places. The first event is the first QFD Workshop in Hong Kong that taught by him, the founder. The second event is to conduct the first public academic QFD Seminar in Macau. Besides these two events, Prof. Akao also delivered a QFD Seminar at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. To Prof. Akao and to QFD, this trip is successful. Prof. Akao has strongly promoted QFD in Hong Kong and embraced the introduction of QFD in Macau. Through the events, QFD is now made known to more people in these two places. 

In these few days, Prof. Akao worked happily and had a wonderful holiday with his wife, too. Both Prof. & Mrs. Akao were happy meeting some of their old friends in Hong Kong, enjoying their favourite Chinese food and visiting some world famous places in Hong Kong and Macau.

After finishing the QFD Workshop on 16/4, Prof. & Mrs. Akao took the cable car to go to visit Tian Tan Buddha at Lantau Island of Hong Kong. They are very lucky as they could see the Buddha in such a foggy late afternoon. Although only saw the Buddha for a very short moment, they were satisfied. On that afternoon, they had a happy time at Ngong Ping Village.


Prof. & Mrs. Akao stayed in Macau for two days in this trip. Though only two days, they saw both the traditional and the modern Macau. On the one hand, they enjoyed visiting the historical churches and were highly impressed by the Portuguese-styled villa hotel at which they stayed. On the other hand, they were excited seeing the newly built casino hotels and enjoyed fantastic ZAIA show at The Venetian.


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