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Akao QFD Seminar in Macau

Reference: E013
Date: 18th April 2011
Venue: The University of Macau


Dr. H. W. Cheng, Director of Centre for Continuing Education of University of Macau, and Catherine have known each other for many years. He invited Prof. Akao to come to Macau, after his QFD workshop in Hong Kong, to give a talk to his students as well as the management executives of the industry.

To give Prof. & Mrs. Akao as well as Catherine & her husband a warm welcome, in the sunny afternoon of 17/4, Dr. Cheng and his son acted as the escort guide taking them to look at the old side and the new side of the city. They visited historical churches and enjoyed an afternoon tea served with Macau-famous oven-fresh Portuguese egg tarts.

The seminar was conducted in the morning of 18/4. Prof. Akao first gave a brief introduction of QFD and then accompanied with Catherine on presenting a case study about applying QFD to the development of a folding bicycle.

QFD Seminar conducted by Prof. Yoji Akao & Dr. Catherine Y. P. Chan at Uuniversity of Macau in 2011


Dr. LC Koo is a quality management academician and expert as well as an early QFD researcher in Hong Kong. He studied the application of QFD and that of many tools in managing quality when he was teaching at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the 1990s. Dr. Koo is now residing in Macau, enjoying his retired life with doing teaching, management and consultancy work. On behalf of the organizing team of the seminar, he thanked Prof. Akaowith presenting him a Macau-characterized souvenir.

Dr. LC Koo presenting souvenir to Prof. Yoji Akao


The seminar has attracted many students and alumni of the university as well as some executives from various corporations. Dr. Raymond Loi, Director of DBA Programme of University of Macau, expressed that he looks forward to having more QFD activities in Macau in future.

 Dr. H. W. Cheng, Dr. Raymond Loi, Prof. Yoji Akao, Dr. Catherine Y. P. Chan and Mrs. Akao (from left to right) at University of Macau in 2011



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