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8th May 2013

Catherine visited the Red Brick Centre of Bright Sun Corp Limited in Panyu of China again on 8th May 2013 to conduct the 2nd Session of the QFD Lecture. The major activity of this lecture is to do exercises on practicing the ways of collecting and intrepreting the voice of the customer that taught in last lession as well as to learn how to prepare the demanded quality deployment table. As already noticed by Catherine at Haier Study Mission, Bright Sun's top managment executives are very interested in management. They appreciated the systematic approach of QFD and they will think about how to cultivate the "deployment" way of thinking at their company. During the lunch, Catherine exchanged her ideas with Mrs. Lin, Vanessa Wan (General Manageress) and Teresa Law (Sales Manager) on how QFD could help on improving communication and team operation. Towards the end of the lecture, Catherine was very happy seeing the participants have finally understood how to deal with the fuzzy front end for defining customer requirements. The participants thanked Catherine. They all were excited to receive the award of "QFD Learning Organization". 

 10th April 2013

On 10th April 2013, Catherine conducted the 1st Session of the QFD Lecture to the staff of Bright Sun Corp Limited at the Red Brick Centre, the headquarter as well as the design studio, in Panyu of China. Bright Sun is a supplier of trim for apparel and lingerie providing a full range of merchandising services from design to production. Besides, new collection lines are offered to the market two times a year. Catherine met Mr. Andy Lin, CEO of Bright Sun, and 8 of his colleagues last December at a study mission going to Qingdao to learn the OEC management of Haier. At the study mission, the friendly act and the synergy of the members of this big team highly impressed Catherine. Meeting some of them again at the QFD Lecture made Catherine extraordinarily happy. On that day, Mr. & Mrs. Lin joined the class to learn QFD together with their colleagues. Not only every one of the participants attended the whole class, but also the participants totally committed in learning QFD on the class as well.


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