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28th March 2013

Catherine continued her QFD teaching and conducted Session-2 of the QFD Lecture for Blue Box on 28/3. On that day, she besides met those had attended Session-1 that held two weeks ago but also David Chan, Chief Executive Officer of the company. David told Catherine that people is the most important asset of his company, and, people of his company consider one another as family members. To his own interest and to support his "family members" on learning QFD, David attended the class and joined the group exercise on defining the customer requirements for the Hongkong-style hot milk tea and milk-&-butter toast as well. Catherine enjoyed the class and the fun time with the attendees. She was very glad seeing the growing interest of the attendees with QFD. Whilst David and Alex Chan, Chief Operating Officer, thanked Catherine for her teaching, Catherine, on behalf of the Association, was happy to recognize Blue Box International Ltd. as a QFD Learning Organization. 

14th March 2013

On 14/3 afternoon, Catherine conducted QFD Lecture Session-1 to Blue Box International Ltd. Blue Box is one of the leading toys enterprises in Hong Kong which has a history of more than 60 years. Over the years, their business has much expanded and developed. Besides the original OEM, they are now doing ODM to OBM as well. In last 2 decades, they have started developing their own brands, including the cuty B-kidsŪ. Last year, some of their staff attended our QFD Seminars. The principles and the wide application of QFD have stimulated their interest and attracted their attention. To investigate the feasiblity and applicability of QFD in the company, they thus formed a team for this task. Before the lecture, the task team members have already collected some information and studied some reference. They even attempted constructing a HOQ to understand the process. Besides the staff, the top management fully support this matter. The top management of the company and the leaders of the key departments attended the lecture and learnt QFD together with their staff. The positive attitude, the full attention, the frank & open discussion of the attendees made the lecture turn out to be a happy group learning event.



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