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25th January 2014

Upon receiving the award of "Learning Organization of QFD", Ricky Cheng, Managing Director of QP Group, immediately put it into action. Six weeks after finishing the QFD Lecture at the Dongguan plant, he invited Catherine to conduct the QFD Lecture again to the staff of his Hong Kong Office. This time, the major participants of the lecture are senior managers and directors of both QP Printing Ltd and Product Innovator Ltd, a subsidary company of QP Group. Catherine was very glad seeing the participants enjoy the class. The history and the basic concepts of QFD are the parts the participants found most interesting. Besides Ricky, Thomas Chan (Executive Director) and David Chow (Director of Continuous Improvement) are also in favor of and greatly support QFD. They told Catherine that they will further introduce QFD to their company. Later this year, Catherine will form some project teams with the company for learning hand-on skills of QFD.

14th December 2013



On 14th December 2013, Catherine conducted the 2nd Session of the QFD Lecture to the staff of Dongguan Zensee Printing Ltd.  This time, more people had come. There were almost 50 people of the class. Besides several engineers come from Hong Kong Office, Ricky Cheng (Managing Director of QP Group), Elvis Chu (Director of Quality Assurance) and Chris Cheng (Director of R&D) also came to have a fun time to learn QFD with their staff. The participants quickly picked up the techniques of interview and gemba for collecting the VOC. They found the process of interpreting the collected VOC into customers' needs could be very interesting. The teams gladly shared the findings of their exercises. The full commitment, active participation and happy laughters of the attendees made the class tremendously successful. At the end of the class, all the attendees were delighted on receiving the award of "QFD Learning Organization". To Catherine, the greatest reward for her is the fervent support of both the top management and the operation staff to QFD.

16th November 2013

Upon attending the QFD Seminar at 6-sigma Institute, Pauline Leung, Senior Sales Manager of QP (HK) Limited, invited Catherine to introduce QFD to her company. On 16th November 2013, Catherine delivered the 1st session of the QFD Lecture to the staff of Dongguan Zensee Printing Ltd, a major production plant of QP Group. Started as a package box and manual printing factory under the name of "Quality Production" in Hong Kong in the early 1980s, QP Group has successfully developed into an international manufacturing enterprise of printed paper-based items, with products including greeting cards, puzzles, education aids and merchandise package boxes. As the name "QP" (Quality Production) indicates, the company has actively acquired and applied various quality management methods and tools, such as 6-sigma, lean and TOC, in its business operation. With the increasing content of product development, the management finds QFD should be able to assist her staff on providing professional merchandising services and doing design. QFD is new to most of the attendees. However, their positive responses and the smiles on their faces told Catherine that they have interest in knowing more about it. To Catherine, it is, of course, her pleasure to teach them QFD.



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