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Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.


Hsinchu, Taiwan

26th April 2012

Catherine paid a visit to the headquarter of Sanyang Industry which located in Hsinchu of Taiwan. On her arrival, she and her husband were warmly welcomed by Mr. Frank Lin, the Project Assistant Vice President of President Office, and Ms Sophia Hsu, the organizer of this visit. Sohpia, who was an Advanced Researcher, introduced Catherine to her seniors, Mr. Sheu Wen-Ren Louis and Mr. Lee Yi-Kuang Eric, the Director and the Technical Director of Product Planning Office. They thanked Catherine for teaching them QFD and offering them advice on doing QFD.

Mr. Louis Sheu & Ms Sophia Hsu welcomed Catherine & her husband 

In the morning, Catherine conducted a QFD Seminar. Most participants have already had the basic knowledge of QFD, and, some of them even have practiced QFD before. They joined the seminar with the aim of acquiring a more thorough and comprehensive understanding with QFD. Most important of all, they would like discuss with Catherine on how to apply QFD to their peoduct development.

QFD Seminar at Sanyang Industry

In the afternoon, Catherine attended a sharing session. It was about discussing a project which was done by several members of Product Planning Office. Besides QFD, there were some other quality management tools used in the project. It is a well done project. Catherine gave her comments and shared her opinions with the project team members after listening to their presentation. She has also discussed with the members of Project Planning Office on further application of QFD. 

Mr. Louis Sheu thanked Catherine for her teaching & sharing on QFD

After the two QFD activities, Mr. Louis Sheu, Ms Sophia Hsu accompanied Catherine and her husband to see the new products. Whilst Mr. Sheu and Sophia introduced the products, they also let Catherine know the latest development of motor vehicle industry and automobile manufacture in Taiwan and in the world market.

Catherine & her husband, Mr. Louis Sheu, Mr. Eric Lee & some participants of QFD Seminar & Sharing Session

This visit is very successful. The sharing and the exchange made between Catherine and participants made both the QFD Seminar and the sharing session interesting and extraordinarily fruitful. To Catherine, most happiest of all is the friendship that she has built with the participants. Today, she had a very happy day at Sanyang Industry.

9th May 2014

Catherine paid her second visit to Sanyang Industry. This time, she conducted a 1-day QFD Workshop exclusive for Product Planning Office. The workshop was held at Sanyang's Research and Development Centre that located in the northern part of Hsinchu, with the theme of "Demanded Qualities and Quality Elements".

QFD Workshop on Demanded Qualities and Quality Elements

The workshop was conducted in the form of group activity. Through a series of exercises, the participants have learnt some methods that commonly used for collecting the voice of the customer (VOC). They have also learnt the basic techniques of extracting the customers' needs and requirements from the collected VOC and, how to organize the customers' needs and requirements into the demanded qualities. The participants will complete the part of translating the demanded qualities into qualities elements after the workshop and will send it to Catherine for review.

Participants engaged in group exercises at QFD Workshop

The total commitment and positive learning attitude of the participants not only has greatly impressed Catherine but also has made the workshop interesting and fun. The participants have come up with many new ideas when they practiced the techniques with their company's products. It was a very fruitful and practical workshop. On behalf of Product Planning Office, Mr. Lee Yi-Kuang Eric, Technical Director, thanked Catherine for her teaching. As an appreciation, Catherine presented Mr. Lee and his teammates the award of "QFD Learning Organization".

Mr. Eric Lee & his teammates received the award of "QFD Learning Organization"



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