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27th April 2012


On 27th April 2012, Catherine visited UMC  in Hsinchu Science Park of Taiwan, one of the global top five manufacturers of seminconductor applications. Organized by Ms Y. W. Tsai, Senior Engineer of System Assurance & Planning Department/Quality Assurance Division, the main purpose of this visit was to conduct a QFD Seminar. More than 40 persons from different departments joined the seminar. Although QFD has not yet started in the company, many attendees, in particular the engineers, have already heard of it for long time. Many questions were raised during the seminar, and, discussion continued after the seminar. It was a very successful introduction of QFD. San Wu, Manager of System Assurance & Planning Department/Quality Assurance Division, was very happy with the overwhleming response. He looks forward to having another QFD Seminar for his colleagues in near future.



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