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The Chinese Society for Quality 中華民國品質學會

Reference: E115
Date: 18th June 2015
Nature: Forum
Topic: 顧客滿意經營實踐與企業改變
Program/Event: Quality Knowledge Community (QKC)
Audience: QKC/CSQ Members
Place: The Chinese Society for Quality
Country: Taipei, Taiwan


 Catherine and some of the attendees of the forum

 Mr. Lin Gon-Fu (Former Secretary of QKC/CSQ)  expressed his opinions on the difficulties with identifying customers and capturing customers' needs.



Prof. S. P. Kuan (Secretary of QKC/CSQ) is an experienced quality management consultant. He used one of his cases which was about a manufacturer in to which he and his wife provided consultancy some years ago. He used the case to explain the importance of showing respect to workers for achieving successful change.


Prof. Geroge Sheng is an expert & a consultant of quality management, in particular  in the domain of Lean Six-Sigma. He had received considerable training in the USA and has a close connection with ASQ. On that evening, Prof. Sheng shared a case on how he won a top manager's genuine commitment to implementing Lean Six-Sigma by getting him to join the DoE training & subsequent examination together with his employees.

Catherine met her good friend, Tina Chou, at the forum. Tina is a consultant of 健峰企業管理顧問股份有限公司.


The Chinese Society for Quality 中華民國品質學會

Reference: E064
Date: 7th September 2012
Nature: Forum
Topic: QFD 實踐 TQM
Program/Event: Quality Knowledge Community (QKC)
Audience: QKC/CSQ Members
Place: The Chinese Society for Quality
Country: Taipei, Taiwan


Catherine and some of the attendees of the forum

The attendees of the forum included the committee members of CSQ, quality assurance managers and consultants. The most excited part of the forum was the exchange session after Catherine's talk. In addition to experience sharing among the attendees, some new ideas on TQM implementation were generated and several critical issues on QFD field practice were raised for discussion.

Mr. Lai Hsin-Yang shared his idea on TQM implementation with the attendees. Mr. Lai is a quality management pioneer in Taiwan. He is a Senior Consultant of CSQ.

Prof. Kuan Chi-Ming (Secretary General of CSQ and a QFD expert in Taiwan) thanked Catherine by presenting her a book of "Reliability Engineeering and Management Handbook". The handbook is a piece of magnificient work, edited and written by 27 quality professionals of CSQ.



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