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25th November 2012

Following the QFD-I & QFD-II training seminars that held in June & July, Catherine delivered QFD-III on "Quality Table" to the members of ASQ Shenzhen LMC on 25/11. At the seminar, she used two cases to explain how quality table to be constructed, what the numbers are and how they work within the House of Quality (HOQ). At the dinner gathering, the attendees told Catherine that the three training seminars have provided them the important foundation knowledge of QFD. They enjoyed all three of them very much. Catherine highly appreciates the positive learning attitude of the attendees. She praised them as "good quality" quality managers and engineers.

29th July 2012

The members were very happy having Catherine came to their July meeting to deliver QFD-II on "Voice of the Customer" to them on 29/7. Catherine was warmly welcomed by the friendly smile of the attendees. After the lecture, the attendees did a group exercise and they enjoyed it very much. Catherine visited the groups one by one and she took this opportunity to explain the unclear areas to the members. After the seminar, Catherine was invited to join their dinner gathering. She liked the food and had a happy evening with the members.


17th June 2012

Catherine is very happy having the chance of introducing QFD to the quality management practitioners in Shenzhen of China. She delivered a training seminar on "Introduction of QFD" to the members of ASQ Shenzhen LMC on 17/6. ASQ Shenzhen LMC is one of the two member centres of Americian Society for Quality in China and it was established in 2011. The members are the quality engineers and managers of both the world-famous international enterprises, such as BV, Fourstar, Intertek, Philips and Apple,as well as those of the very proactive local enterprises. One thing that common to all of them is that they all eager to learn quality. The attendees told Catherine that they have heard QFD for very long time but do not know much about it. They want to learn QFD further and thus have invited Catherine to conduct QFD-II training seminar at their next monthly meeting.


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