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Akao Prize®

Akao Prize® was founded in 1996. It is awarded to individuals around the world who have demonstrated excellence in their practice and dissemination of QFD. Every year at the International Symposium on QFD, the prize is presented to the recipients by Prof. Akao and/or Mr. Mazur, Executive Director of the QFD Institute® of the USA.

For full details of Akao Prize®, please visit the website of QFD Institute®.

 Year  Recipient  Country
 1996  Bob King  USA
   Larry Sullivan  USA
   Tadashi Yoshizawa Ph.D.  Japan
 1997  Robert M. Adams  USA
   Don Clausing Ph.D.  USA
   Alberto Galgano  Italy
   Hisakazu Shindo Ph.D.  Japan
 1998  Bo Bergman Ph.D.  Sweden
   Glenn H. Mazur  USA
   Tadashi Ohfuji  Japan
   Richard E. Zultner  USA
 1999  Michiteru Ono  Japan
   Anders Gustafsson Ph.D.  Sweden
   John Terninko Ph.D.  USA
   Jack ReVelle Ph.D.  USA
 2000  Kozo Koura Ph.D.  Japan
   Georg Herzwurm Ph.D.  Germany
   Dilworth Lyman  USA
 2001  Noriharu Kaneko  Japan
   Akashi Fukuhara  Japan
   Satoshi "Cha" Nakui  Japan
   Thomas Fehlmann Ph.D.  Switzerland
 2002  Atsushi Ootaki Ph.D.  Japan
   Robert H. Hunt Ph.D.  Australia
   Ian A. Ferguson  UK
 2003  Harold Ross  USA
   Tomoyoshi Naoi Ph.D.  Japan
 2004  Koji Tanaka  Japan
 2005  Fatih Yenginol Ph.D.  Turkey
   Yasuhisa Tsuda Ph.D.  Japan
 2006  Verónica González Bosch  Mexico
   Toshiyuki Mochimoto Ph.D.  Japan
 2007  Thomas Saaty Ph.D.  USA
 2008  Akira Takayanagi  Japan
 2009  Wolfram Pietsch Ph.D.  Germany
 2010  Carey W. Hepler  USA
 2011  Jutta Saatweber  Germany
 2013  Sixten Schockert  Germany
   Yoshimichi Watanabe Ph.D.  Japan
 2014  Jaroslav Machan Ph.D.  Czech Republic
 2015  Dennis J. Frankos  USA


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