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Sad News of Prof. Yoji Akao's Passing

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It is really to know about the demise of Prof. Yoji Akao the father of QFD, Hong Kong.
The Quality community across the world has lot a veteran and is difficult to fill up the vacuum
I pray God to give strength to his family to bear the loss of Prof. Yoji Akao.
Dr. N.Rangaswamy

A great loss to the quality community of the world. Father of QFD (Quality Function Deployment) will no more with us physically, however his thoughts and practices remained with us.

I got opportunity to meet him in ICQ 2005 at Tokyo I still remember he listened to my paper on Students' Quality Circles and even asked me how the young students understand the importance of Pareto Diagram?

Wish he come to Nepal to see how students of class six can explain the cumulative frequency.

Also Sensei is not With us but his knowledge we will carry over for ever.

With Love and Regards
Dinesh Chapagain

With deep sadness, I share the sad news to his family and to all.
Xuan Thu

It's a sad news learning that Professor Yoji Akao, IAQ Honorary Member and one of the world quality gurus is passed away. It's a great loss for IAQ as well as for the world quality community and specifically those who have been familiar with and used QFD in their quality improvement project across the world. His innovative approach in QFD was very effective and functional which helped many organizations to improve their competitive advantages in global markets.

I had the honor of meeting him in many conferences for more than a decade and in all those opportunities, his unique commendable character of sincerity, kindness, openness, humility and many other top qualities of a true quality guru impressed me.

I deeply feel sad for his loss and would like to express my heartfelt condolences first to his family, close friends and colleagues and then to IAQ family and finally to all quality professionals in the world.

May his soul rest in peace!

With deep grief,

It is a really sad news that Prof. Yoji Akao passed away. His contribution on QFD was indeed great in my country, Korea.

Many quality professionals have used QFD for quality activities in companies. His contribution will be remembered for a long long time.

Sung Hyun Park
IAQ member in Korea

It's a bad news!

Prof. Yoji Akao's death is a big loss to the quality management world. His contribution to quality is unforgettable!

Prof. Zhen Ho
Associate Dean, College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University
Chair, Department of Industrial Engineering


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