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Sad News of Prof. Yoji Akao's Passing

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I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Please send our condolence to his family for us please. We do very much thank for his contribution to the quality field. He was such a nice great guru, and we all respect him very much.
Best Sincerely,
Macau Quality Management Association

Thanks for the news but is really very sad for all of us.

Paulo Cauchick
ICQFD Member (Brazil)

I am so sorry to hear this. These are sad news. May he rest in peace and we will cherish his memory.
It was a sad notice for everybody. But try to remember that he will be alive in his legacy and in our hearts.
Hugs for everyone.
Veronica Gonzalez Bosch
ICQAFD Member (Mexico)

I regret to know that Prof. Yoji Akao passed away last Monday, please acccept my sympathy and condolences for the loss suffered by his family and the QFD Association.
Kind Regards,
Arkin Ng

I had heard with deep regret of the passingt of Prof. Akao. I could meet with Prof. Akao at next ISQFD in Japan. I wish I could meet ...
Let's pray sincerely for the repose of Prof. Akao's soul.
Sincerely Yours,
Naofumi Takayama



I feel really sad to hear about the death of our Master, Prof. Yoji Akao. He will always be remembered and honored.
Please send my condolences to his family when you are in touch with them.
Take Care!
Richard Fung
City University of Hong Kong

So sorry to hear this. He was an amazing and wonderful gentleman.
Anders Gustafsson
Karlstad University

I am sorry to hear the passing away of Prof. Akao.
Although I met him only once when I attended a seminar few years ago in PolyU. It is no doubt to what Prof. Akao shown on the stage he was a great man to be remembered and honored. The treasure of the QFD he left behind is waiting for us to teach to the industry, to let the knowledge to be rooted and grown inside the industry.
I bear the same heart and mind to mourn the great guru, Prof. Akao.
Sincerely Yours,
Alfred Lee



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