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Sad News of Prof. Yoji Akao's Passing

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I am sorry to hear that. I am sure it is not an easy time to you and Prof. Yoji Akao's family. Prof. Akao has lived a life and full, and he will be remembered. 
Simon Mak

This is very sad! Although I have seen him once in person during a QFD meeting/session. Please, if possible, extend my regards to his family.
May God be looking after him from now on. The world have lost an expert in the area/subject of Quality. 
Best regards with saddest,
Leo Cheng

My condolence to Prof Yoji Akao family. May he rest in peace.

Safuan Bin Idris

Take care and fully respected the QFD by Prof. Yoji Akao.
Best regards,
Daily Cheung

I give my condolence to late prof. Yoji, years ago I observed he walked and stood with difficulty due to elderly! Well everyone of us need to face this one day just a matter of time. Only difference is honour and education!

Henry Ha

Thank you for your email and sorry to learn about the news of Prof. AKAO.

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the the family. God bless his rest in peace and his teaching and knowledge of QFD continues and prevails.

Peter Li 

Noted with heartfelt condolences !!

Sam Sham

May he rest in peace....

Johnny Chow

On behalf of all members and Board of Directors, and myself as President of the Canadian Society for Quality, we extend our deepest sympathy to Professor Yoji Akao family on the passing of this great quality pioneer whose memory and renowned contributions to quality knowledge will live for ever. I had met him personally many times in the United States during the ASQ and the IAQ conferences and meetings and taken pictures with him. His warm greetings, smiles, and handshakes will always be in my memory.

We pray for his soul to rest in peace!

Dr. Madhav Sinha
Canadian Society for Quality

Really a sad news to our quality professional.
Best regards,
Aaron Tong

We, HKSQ, extend deep and heartfelt sympathy to Prof. Yoji Akao and his family.

Best regards,
Lotto Lai
Hong Kong Society for Quality



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