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Sad News of Prof. Yoji Akao's Passing

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Please convey our condolence to Prof Akao family. We have lost our great guru on QFD. 
Mohd. Azman Bin Idris

It is with deep sadness for every one about the death of Prof. Yoji Akao. We are very sad for the death of Akao.
Yang Ching-Chow
Chinese Society for Quality

It is indeed with great sadness to receive the news of the passing of Prof. Yoji Akao on 24th October 2016.
Prof. Akao was the founder of QFD and a renown quality guru in our generation of quality practitioners. His invention of QFD through House of Quality deployment becomes a must learn quality professionals. He was also greatly respected for his practical invention of folding bicycle in Japan.
I met him on a few occasions during the ANQ Congress. His humble and sincere nature gave me deep impression when he walked up stage slowly of his age to receive our honorable Ishikawa-Kano ANQ award.
I am honoured to know Prof. Akao personally. The fond memory of him will always be with us in SQI.
Kindly please send our condolences to his family members.
Kenneth Liang
Singapore Quality Institute

Indeed, it is very sad to hear that Prof. Yoji Akao passed away.   

I fully agree with you that Prof Akao is such a humble, knowledgeable and sincere person. I remembered I had a chance to meet him in Japan in 2009 when I presented a paper in Waseda University. He just sat there to listen and did not mind to take picture together. 

We will mourn his departure but his QFD will prevail. 

Kindly send our deepest condolence to his family.

Yours Sincerely,
Too Meng Ken
Singapore Quality Institute

A sad day for all of us in the Quality Community. Dr. Akao was a giant among us, an extremely humble and warm giant. I will never forget him approaching me after I gave a talk and saying how much  he appreciated my remarks. I have received no higher reward for my work.  

Warmest Regards.
My best,
Doug Hensler

It is with deep regret to note the pass away of Prof. Yoji Akao who is a respectable gurus in quality. I met you in Taipei ANQ conference and expected Prof. Yoji Akao would turn up some time in the conference in HK. It is really a loss to all of us. He will always be remembered.

Peter Kwok

Sorry for the bad news. 
With best regards,
Jim Chim



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