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Akao Hong Kong QFD Workshop

Reference: E012
Date: 15th - 16th April 2011
Venue: Hong Kong Productivity Council



This is the first time Prof. Akao conducting QFD workshop in Hong Kong. Although Prof. Akao has visited Hong Kong many times, it is his first time teaching a QFD course here.


The workshop was originally planned for practitioners of the clothing and apparel industry. However, it turned out with quite a number coming from other industries and a few from Shenzhen and Macau. The participants said that it is a hard-to-find opportunity of meeting a quality guru and learning from him.


Prof. Akao first gave a mini-lecture on QFD in the morning of the first day. The participants then learned how to deal with the fuzzy front end in finding out the customer needs through a group exercise. From targeting for 20 to coming out with almost 35 participants, Prof. Akao moved between the groups to teach the participants how to interpret the voice of the customer and organize the interpreted items into needs the whole day of the first day. To share Prof. Akao's work, Catherine facilitated the groups on practicing the technique. In the afternoon of the second day, the groups presented what they had done with the exercise.

One-and-a-half-day QFD Workshop in Hong Kong conducted by Prof. Yoji Akao & Dr. Catherine Y. P. Chan in 2011


Maybe staying together in a small room, the participants were found extraordinarily close to one another. They actively participated in group discussion and learnt from other groups. Jokes and loud laugh could be frequently heard here and there in those two days. The participants enjoyed the workshop and felt honor having the chance of learning QFD from the founder. They have became Prof. Akao's fans! After the workshop, they lined up to ask for Prof. Akao's signature and invite him for photographing.


Participants line up for obtaining Prof. Akao's signature


Prof. Akao was very satisfied with the workshop. Despite feeling a little bit tired after the workshop, he was very excited with visiting the Buddha in the afternoon.



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