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Seminar on QFD Industrial Application: Overview & Discussion

Reference: E070
Date: 10th December 2012
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Prof. Paulo A. Miguel Cauchick together with Catherine talked about QFD in a seminar that held in the evening of 10th December 2012 at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The response to the seminar was overwhelming. Reservations were overbooked and all seats were taken up. Many quality engineers and QA managers of well-known enterprises attended the seminar.

"Seminar on QFD Industrial Application: Overview & Discussion" was held in Hong Kong on 10th December 2012


Prof. Cauchick talked about his field research and applications of QFD in Brazil industry. His expert knowledge and practical experience with QFD has attracted many attendees to stay behind after the seminar to discuss with him and to seek his advice.

Prof. Paulo A. Miguel Cauchick gave a talk at a QFD Seminar in Hong Kong in 2012


Catherine shared her viewpoint and opinions on how QFD to be used by companies of the current manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. She first pointed out the difference between the situation of the Japan industry in 1960s, the time QFD was first developed, and that of Hong Kong in 2010s. She then emphasized that the way of using QFD has to be wisely adjusted to cope with the respective situation before able to enjoy the full benefits offered by QFD. Selecting appropriate parts of QFD and applying QFD to appropriate processes is key to successful application. Her talk has made the practicability of QFD much clear.

Catherine Y. P. Chan gave a talk at a QFD Seminar in Hong Kong in 2012


As a token of appreciation, Catherine presented Prof. Cauchick a photography book of Hong Kong to thank him for his wonderful speech. Prof. Cauchick told Catherine that the beautiful city, the people's calibre, their enthusiasm with QFD, ..., all these have greatly impressed him in his first visit to Hong Kong.

Catherine presented Prof. Paulo a photography book of Hong Kong as souvenir




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