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 ISQFD18 Hong Kong 

24th International Symposium on Quality Function Deployment

6th – 7th September 2018



ISQFD has been held in many countries all over the world, including Japan, the USA, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and China. In 2018, ISQFD will be in Hong Kong!

It is my great pleasure to invite you to come and very much encourage you to join the 24th International Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, which is going to be held in Hong Kong on 6th – 7th September, 2018.

ISQFD provides an excellent opportunity for academics and practitioners who are involved in the study, application and development of QFD come together from around the world to exchange ideas and to share knowledge and experience. Over the years, a vast number of case studies and research papers of QFD have been presented. Please join us for this international event. At the symposium, you will meet the QFD experts, discuss QFD and establish QFD networks.

This is the first time Hong Kong hosts ISQFD. On behalf of the organizing committee, I look forward to welcoming you in this beautiful amazing world city of Asia.

Catherine Y. P. Chan

Chair, ISQFD’18 – Hong Kong

President, Hong Kong QFD Association



Harbour Plaza Metropolis

7 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Website: www.harbour-plaza.com


Admission Fee

Hong Kong Dollar 3,200, including:

  • Full access to ISQFD’18
  • Proceedings of ISQFD’18
  • Symposium Dinner on 6th September
  • Lunch & coffee breaks


Papers To Be Presented


Glenn H. Mazur

“QFD and ISO 16355 – Next Steps”



Glenn H. Mazur

“QFD in a human resources environment”


Masamitsu Kiuchi & Kazushi Nagai

“A study on quality deployment considering actual manufacturing”


Leman E. Dolgun & Gulser Koksal

“A plain yogurt case study: Extending house of quality for sensory customer requirements”


Masanobu Yoshikawa, Takumi Okada & Shunsuke Takichita

“Analysis and development of study support using learning history, situation and performance”


Felix Schonhofen, Sixten Schockert & Georg Herzwurm

“Towards a QFD approach for the Internet of Things and Services”


Zhixin Wu, Masakazu Takahashi & Yoshimichi Watanabe

“A proposal to analyze customer demands based on QFD incoporating the concept of the Kano model”


Takahiro Yamamoto

“Quality evaluation of collaborative software and design approach”


Koji Tanaka & Yukio Miyamura

“Expansion of applied fields by utilizing QFD”


Tadao Nakamura & Hideaki Haraga

“Definition of IoF (Internet of Functions) and using QFD for simultaneous optimization of things and human”


Hideaki Haraga

“Improve organizational capability by utilizing QFD”


Kim Stansfield, Graeme Knowles, Freeha Azmat & Devon Allocat

“Systematic selection of appropriate technology enhanced learning developments – A virtual reality case study”


Kim Stansfield, Graeme Knowles, Catherine Y. P. Chan, Glenn H. Mazur & Stephen Dimelow

“Modern QFD as a business systems transformation development method”


Catherine Y. P. Chan, Glenn H. Mazur & Kim Stansfield

“QFD and the Automotive Industry”


Qiang Yang

“An application of QFD: Listen to the VOC for understanding the passengers' needs with the seat of high-speed rail in China”


Honourable Speaker

Prof. Fugee Tsung (Hong Kong University Science & Technology)

“Quality Big Data”



Please write to qfdhk@qfdhk.org for enquiry.

Registration is required and admission fee has to fully paid before the symposium. No walk-in will be accepted.


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