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Established Since 2009



Founder President

Catherine Y. P. Chan  Ph.D.

Certified QFD Black Belt®

Member of International Council of QFD




Honorary President

Prof. Yoji Akao  Ph.D.

Founder of QFD

1978 Deming Prize Individual Prize Winner



Honorary President

Mr. Glenn Mazur

QFD Red Belt®

Executive Director, QFD Institute, USA



Our Mission

We dedicate to support the worldwide development and sustainability of QFD.


Our Work

1. Promote QFD

2. Provide guidance for QFD field applications

3. Offer advice on doing QFD research

4. Participate in building QFD global network


Our Tasks

1. Introduce QFD to corporates & industries

2. Organize QFD learning & sharing activities

3. Conduct QFD lectures & workshops

4. Support local & global QFD events



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