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Akao Malaysia QFD Workshop

Reference: E008
Date: 25th - 26th October 2010
Organizer: SIRIM
Place: De Palma Hotel
Country: Shah Alam, Malaysia

This is the first QFD Workshop in Malaysia. Conducted by Prof. Akao, this workshop marked the "official" introduction of QFD to Malaysia. Dr. Azman Idris (Head of Service Quality & Research Section of Quality and Enterprise Management Center of SIRIM) has known Prof. Akao and Catherine for many years. In view of the growing competition of  the industry of Malaysia, Dr. Idris found that it is necessary to bring in QFD to assist the business development of the enterprises.

The workshop was held at De Palma Hotel in Shah Alam. More than 30 managers and professionals of different industries from various parts of Malaysia came to learn QFD.

Photo 1: Catherine, Dr. Azman Idris, Prof. Akao, Mrs. Akao, Lam (Catherine's husband) [from right to left of the first row] and the participants of the workshop


The participants were divided into groups, and, each group selected a product. Prof. Akao taught the participants how to extract demanded qualities from the voice of the customer and subsequently translate the demanded qualities into quality elements. Catherine assisted Prof. Akao on facilitating the groups on doing the exercise. The groups presented their exercises in the afternoon of the second day. It is a very detailed process, many participants claimed. However, they admitted that the process is a very good opportunity for them to fully discuss the product.

 Photo 2: Prof. Akao taught the particpants how to deploy the voice of the customer into demanded qualities


 Photo 3: Catherine followed up with the participants on completing the exercise


Though the workshop was only of introductory level, the participants claimed that they had learned a lot. They enjoyed the training, and, they were very happy having the chance of learning QFD from the founder.

  Photo 4: Dr. Azman Idris thanked Prof. Akao for his coming to Malaysia to introduce QFD



Photo 5: Prof. Akao presented his latest book to Dr. Azman Idris


The workshop was very successful. In the evening of the second day, some participants, Supardi Bai (interpreter of the workshop), Mr. Sufuan Idris and his team joined with Prof. & Mrs. Akao as well as Catherine & her husband having a dinner party at a local satay restaurant. On the one hand, the participants would like to say "thank-you" to Prof. Akao and Catherine. On the other hand, Safuan (Head of Service Quality & Research Section of Quality and Enterprise Management Center of SIRIM) and his team members would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the efforts they had made for this remarkable event. They were proud of being the organizer of presenting the first Prof. Akao's QFD Workshop in Malaysia. Everybody enjoyed the delicious food and drinks and all of them talked about QFD at the dinner. Prof. Akao enjoyed satay of all kinds. He said the spicy South-east Asian food recalled him the memory of his happy childhood in Indonesia.

Photo 6: "Cheer" to the success of the QFD Workshop at the celebration party




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