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ASQ Shanghai LMC 

Reference: E071
Date: 19th January 2013
Nature: Seminar
Topic: Introduction of QFD
Audience: Members of ASQ Shanghai LMC
Country: Shanghai, China

Catherine visited Shanghai of China in mid January of 2013. One of the activities of her Shanghai trip was to conduct a QFD Seminar to the members of ASQ Shanghai LMC. Mr. Fred Zhang, General Manager of ASQ China, warmly welcomed Catherine. Before the seminar, Fred took Catherine to taste some famous Shanghai dishes, including xiaolongbao, braised pork belly, and the very delicious hairy crab congee. Fred was a top management executive of an aircraft company before joining ASQ China. He has considerable experience with running international business and he is an expert in quality as well. In view of the fast expanding but increasingly competitive market of China, both Fred and Catherine agree that quality will be important to enterprises in this new business environment. They are glad to seek collaboration opportunities for supporting enterprises in China to meet new market challenges and to achieve business success. 

Photo 1: Fred Zhang of ASQ China took Catherine to taste Shanghai dishes


Photo 2: Catherine and some of the attendees of the seminar


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