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28th October 2013

In the evening of 28th October 2013, Catherine conducted a guest lecture on QFD for the program of MSc Engineering Management, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong. The attendees are postgraduate students of the course of "Managing Quality Strategies". To cope with the theme of the course, Catherine foucsed on explaining the quality planning in the operation of QFD for formulating business strategies. The students were highly attentive and showed interest in knowing QFD. Catherine received many questions from the students after the class and she enjoyed introducing and discussing QFD with them.

25th February 2013 

Dr. K. S. Chin (Assistant Head and Associate Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong) invited Catherine to give a guest lecture on QFD on one of the classes of the course of "Quality Improvement Methodologies" that held in the evening of 25th February 2013. The attendees were the final-year students of the undergraduate program of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Total Quality Engineering (BEngTQE). The lecture was served as a supplementary class activity with the focus made on the construction of a quality table and how quality table to be used in facilitating the operation of QFD. Catherine was greatly impressed by the students. They were extraordinarily attentive, and, they were enthusiastic with learning, too. Many constructive questions were raised for discussion in the class. After the lecture, the students told Catherine that they have acquired a greater understanding with QFD and their interest with QFD has much increased.




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